Initially it was the relentless surge of Tribal Sessions, pioneering dance music’s pre-occupation with drum led acid house and an antidote to everything that had soured about the late nineties super club era.

Other nights also came and showed off the great and good of clubbing; a returning Bugged Out!, Continue’s fervent house and techno experimentations, the legendary Redlight Sessions and many, many more all imbuing a colossal sense of unhindered hedonism in Mancunia’s bold and beautiful clubbers.


Continue, Sankeys’ dubstep night which detonated onto the scene in March 2011, is back after a summer hiatus!

Easily the most exciting genre of dance music to explode in the last fifteen years, dubstep has made people rethink how they think about dance music.

A brilliantly thoughtful genre, it’s off kilter drum patterns and speaker shredding baselines has been the basis for ethereal and otherworldly music from the likes of Burial and Jamie XX to the more rowdy main room histrionics of Rusko and Skream.

The Continue debut featured some of the scene’s brightest stars, including Scuba vs SCB, Darksky, Intstra:mental, Pangaea and XXXY. Keep eyes and ears peeled for the return of Continue.


It’s a place of comfort. Somewhere you go to get away from the mundane things that plight our lives which happen below. Nobody can see us. Hidden from the madness of the world we make our own madness in the space we have. Forgetting the past and bringing the future to the fore front, we only thrive on what people may think they know whilst looking up at the Treehouse. Climb up and look out.

Past guests: Art Department, Droog, MANIK, Robert James, Clockwork, Jozif, Alex Arnout, Matt Tolfrey, Richy Ahmed, Laura Jones, Waifs & Strays, Mic Newman, Luca C, Wildkats, Mark E, Death On The Balcony, Popular People’s Front, Andy Ash, Rob Mello, Bodycode, Mind Against, Dixon, Ame, Daniel Bortz, Dirty Channels, Beatstreet, Henrik Schwarz, Chez Damier.